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Significance of Address Verification in E-Commerce Industry

By | Karen Anthony

Address verification service may not be the primary thing that strikes a chord while taking into account how to further develop your customer experience, but it might be one of the easiest and most cost-effective alternatives. Customer address data is becoming increasingly problematic for a variety of reasons. The way people shop is changing. With the development of subscription services and mobile purchases, providing an exceptional customer experience has become a fundamental necessity for every firm — and one that has a significant impact on a brand’s perceived value. While these trends can lead to increased conversion rates and client lifetime value, they come at a hefty cost: how do you establish and maintain an efficient and consistent customer experience? Customers may be harsh, so creating an amazing eCommerce experience is critical to any brand’s success. Complicated checkout pages can lead to abandoned carts, and consumers quit buying with a store if their delivery is delayed – even if the company is not at fault.

In order to stand out in a crowded industry, online businesses are always introducing new premium offerings (in 2019, both Amazon and Walmart declared huge ventures, redesigning their inside foundations to carry out free one-day delivery in the United States). Thus, shoppers have been acclimated with, and presently request advantages like straightforward, fast, and free conveyance on the entirety of their internet-based exchanges. As rivalry heightens, coordinations get more troublesome and edges fixed, especially for more modest organizations endeavoring to rival the enormous young men.

Web-based business organizations are answerable for the total buyer experience, which starts with giving a perfect checkout experience. By all accounts, apparently little should be possible to mitigate this heap. However, there are a lot of methods to provide a better experience for your clients, the easiest of which is to use address verification software and remove inconsistencies in your customer address data.

An address verification API can aid in the enrichment and correction of your client data. These innovations empower you to automatically fix grammatical errors, affirm the deliverability of an address, and access data to further develop your purchaser insight. Using an address verification API helps you to save time, remove mistakes, automate tedious operations, and improve data quality at scale.

Address verification solutions expand your understanding of your customers by providing a more thorough perspective of their location information, such as if their address is residential or business.

An AVS  (address verification service)

An online address verification service is a technique that is used to validate a user’s address before they complete a transaction to purchase goods. It is critical for online merchants to enroll authentic consumers in order to minimize delivery-related fraud, and address verification is critical for this.

This is how it works.

In the first phase, systems require the user to upload a photo of themselves carrying an official ID in order to match the ID photo with the original photo at the same time. The user is then prompted to provide a secondary ID with a residential or business address, which is used to validate the user’s address. The framework then, at that point, removes information, examinations the data related to the address, and affirms it.

Use Case

Reduce the time it takes to finish the checkout process and increase your conversion rates by automatically suggesting addresses.

Validate client addresses to guarantee that products and mail are always delivered to the correct location. Undeliverable shipments twofold postage costs, while redelivering a solicitation essentially builds postage costs. Catch authentic addresses to get a good deal on postage and limit deliverability issues.

Automate database upkeep by normalizing and deduplicating every address entered into your CRM. Work on your understanding via consequently recording data like messenger and deliverability requirements.

Because addresses are geographically structured, combining global data sets can be difficult. Checked addresses give metadata that empowers you to dependably allude to places from one side of the planet to the other.

By allowing only valid addresses, you will be able to detect fraudulent behavior before the transaction is completed.


With the extension of the advanced world, it is basic to have a framework set up to keep individuals secure. It is critical to protect yourself against fraudsters and criminals since they bring financial and mental harm. To keep the digital world safe, an effective address verification mechanism is required.


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