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Signs It May Be Time to Search for a New Job

Dealing with unhealthy work environments can take a toll on you. If you experience any of these signs, consider moving on to the next step in your career

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Leaving your job is a big decision that requires plenty of consideration and soul-searching. If your day-to-day leaves you feeling unmotivated or even stressed, it may be time to visit an online job board like ZipRecruiter and start looking for a new job.

You don’t want to leave your job prematurely without planning your next steps but understanding the red flags to look out for is essential. These signs can help determine if it’s time to plan your exit strategy and find something new.

You suspect layoffs.

Many internal and external factors contribute to employers using layoffs as cost-cutting measures. While layoffs are typically the last resort, every situation is unique.

Signs that layoffs may be looming include budget cuts, missing revenue goals, people in other departments at your company have been laid off, hiring outside consultants, a struggling economy, and companies in your sector laying off workers.

Your workplace is toxic.

Toxic workplaces take many forms. Maybe you feel micromanaged, experience bullying, have no work-life balance, or there is high turnover at your job that is causing stress.

Positive office culture fuels the workplace and being tangled in work politics can be exhausting to deal with every day.

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