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Simon Sinek – FIND YOUR TRUE PURPOSE (Powerful Motivational Speech 2017)

Simon Sinek with a extremely powerful motivational speech on finding your true purpose. Like & Share if you enjoyed!

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  1. No content on finding my purpose, however, otherwise great talk. I literally today gave my 2 wk notice to quit my job. Your explanation of Empathy in leaders is so needed there. Thank you for some needed clarity to move forward.

  2. Yes the maximize the shareholder value is a big issue. I was taught in my business classes that labor is the biggest expense for overhead and the goal is to maximize shareholder. So in essence decrease value of employee to increase the value for shareholder

  3. These “leadership” rules apply to more than the business world. As a 7th grade Math teacher in Texas, we’re playing an “infinite” game with a “finite” goal: 100% of children improve on every test. It’s a struggle to maintain #1 every day, especially when children are being pushed to their limit every day by teachers who have sympathy. They and teachers are human; there has to be periodic stretch and refresh. ? Oh, btw, whether you meet the goal or not, the bar will be raised every year! Teachers who are responsible for unreasonable STAAR results are burned out…the best and passionate teachers leave the classroom. The children of our future are the losers.

  4. What executives can't seem to understand nowadays is that you can improve efficiency more by reducing turnover, and increasing workplace and generalized life quality of your employees.

    People that enjoy coming to work, that look forward to it, are naturally going to work harder, longer, and faster than others. I hated my job at KFC, I can say without a doubt, that unless it was for the customers, I wasn't giving it more than the bare minimum. For the customers, particularly those that treated me well, I'd go up to bat for them. I'd ensure that above all else, they received great service, food was ready as quick as possible, and very importantly, I'd break policies at times to ensure that their food was fresh and quick.

    The place I worked at would change the time tags, to artificially keep the food as sellable, in spite of company policies (and health department mandates) to the contrary, mandated by both my manager and from the owner of the store, mainly from the owner. My manager was a nice guy for the most part, but definitely not meant to be a store manager. He was terrible at the main job of that position, managing people. The owner was an asshole that didn't give a damn about his employees or the customers, and it showed.

  5. Okay so recently I was "let go" from a job at a powder coating company. I had just moved to Minnesota from California (I know, why the hell would you do that?! It's complicated). So I got this job right away after moving here. Basically it's a big production line type of job with many other little jobs around the shop that everyone should know how to do. I thought it was perfect and all the employees were fantastic. I thought their training and teaching was done very well and they were friendly as could be. Most of these people besides a couple were much older than me, being as I'm only 21. After some time of working there I got some small comments from my Lead, he said I needed to pick up the pace and I wasn't really moving fast enough. Apparently that came from management, whom never really saw me working, besides a very few times, so I don't know how they could just make the judgment so quickly. Okay so I started hustling more in my work. We got this job for an awning company to paint their decks. Now these decks were massive and weight at least 400+ and I'm a skinny kid.. So naturally after lifting so many of these, my back started to really hurt. So I went into the main office where the CEO of the factory sat and asked if they had any ibprophin, and they did. I talked with her, the ceo, and told her about my back. She said that I'm to be on light duty for the remainder of the week. I said okay, fair enough. Every now and then I would see the manager (this guy below the ceo) walking about and he would see me and ask "are you winning over there?" I honestly didnt have a response, i was just working. This really made me think about what Simon is saying in this video … That there was quite a lack of empathy from the leaders. To them we were a towel to be rung, in order to get the most out of us. 8-5 every day. The next week on Monday after working all day, I was let go. Not having done anything really wrong, no one had shown me how I could be better. I didn't break anything or crash a forklift. I was just in my 90 day probationary period and that's all the excuse they needed. Maybe they were afraid I would sue because of my back, I had heard someone tried this before. That was never my intention. This all had crushed me.. since then I've been in parents house, in my room reading, and watching videos like this. Just wondering what's next..

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