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Simon Sinek: Find Your Why | One of The Best Speeches Ever


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  1. In a world where the strongest and the most ruthless survive, all of this has little meaning. Corporations and banks don't care and will never care. They have armies to subdue your sorry empathetic ass. They have the media and food production to keep you docile.
    This world has a dark, dark agenda. We are all but sustenance for the parasite.

  2. Mafia puts their own first. Mafia leads by example. Mafia is ready to sacrifice.
    See, how the same principles work for both good and evil?
    Learn the true name of evil.
    For it is PARASITISM.

  3. Why ppl are so focused in bg music?? If u are really focused on the talk u won't even notice that there is background music… gosh… stop having devided attention.

  4. The history have proven his theory.
    In my motherland, Japan, there are 3146 businesses at least 200 years old.
    7 of them are more than 1000 years old, and the oldest of them (and in whole world), Kongo Gumi, was founded in 578AD (1440 years old).
    And guess what? Japanese people called their land as Wa-no-Kuni, which means "Nation of Harmony." Later on, they called their nation as Yamato, which means "Big Harmony."
    Japanese mindset is mindset of harmony.
    We take care of each other, families, friends, employees, clients, partners, allies, and even enemies when they need help.
    If you wanna build a business last for 1000 years, live in harmony.

  5. How unpractical to not hire based on skill set. That seems crazy. If there is an architect company and they would hire but you wouldn't have to know anything about designing architecture; how the crap would that work?

  6. Am i the only one who flips between between being inspired by this kinda shit and then coming back down to reality where everyones a narcissitic asshole whos only out for themselves?

  7. without protection and safety, human beings evolve inside an insecure environment which will decrease instentaneously their own capacities by not taking any risks which will slow down the companies' enhancement.

  8. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! wow every leader of every country should be made to hear this and other speeches this brilliant guy has done im utterly ashamed ive only just found out about him 2day yet im have been in dark place and hearing his speeches the 1s ive watched so far has utterly and to my shear grattitude and jawdropping astoundment THANKYOU

  9. Ended a temporarily job in January, my dad past away few days after, and my mom is now at the hospital for surgery. Am in a very difficult moment of my life, I live in US but am forced to be in Italy now…Simon's messages are helping me to cope with my stress and finding my why….the missing part of the puzzle is that somebody has to trust you to fulfill your why, even if it could be apparently a risk. Thank you SImon!

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