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Simon Sinek in conversation with Reggie Yates

Simon Sinek’s recent video on ‘The Millennial Question’ went viral with over 150 million views.

Find Your Why is the follow up to Start with Why, the global bestseller and the subject of the third most watched TED Talk of all time.

With Start With Why, Simon Sinek inspired a movement to build a world in which the vast majority of us can feel safe while we are at work and fulfilled when we go home at night. Now, along with two of his colleagues, Peter Docker and David Mead, Sinek has created a guide to the most important step any business can take: finding your why.

This easy-to-follow guide starts with the search for your personal why, and then expands to helping your colleagues find your organization’s why. With detailed instructions on every stage in the process, the book also answer common concerns, such as: What if my why sounds like my competitor’s? Can you have more than one why? And, if my work doesn’t match my why, what do I do?

Whether you’re entry level or a CEO, whether your team is run by the founder or a recent hire, these simple steps will lead you on a path to a more fulfilling life and long-term success for you and your colleagues.


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  1. Anyone who has said that Reggie Yates is stupid etc, clearly are stupid themselves, the man is smart, successful and is very passionate about what he does and no one in this comment section should have the audacity to talk down to him.

  2. I agree with him for the most and I am not a millennium, I am from the '80 actually. My first 20 yrs was in the village in Africa, did not see a phone or touch a computer until I was about 23. My point is that I have learned most of what I have learnt via my phone and I am back to college to develop myself – hence, the problem is what we do with our phone. I love what he is doing and I kind of think we have the same mentality, my first book which is also sharing my personal life experience with young adults and youths should be ready soon. Thank you for spreading the word…I believe that you cannot be silent if you have this kind of mentality. Kudos to Simon!

  3. Millennials this, millennials that… yada yada yada… We are no unicorns, life goes on. These corporations have an entire PR department to exhibit their 'social responsibility'. They do not give a bloody ant about millennials and all their insignificant, minimal, profit contributing demands. CEO and the big shoters in the corporate sacrifice and devote their life to get to the top. Nothing is going to be handed to you on a plate.

    The fact is, our living standard is worse than our parents. Job insecurity, lack of social-mobility, constant distractions from every different. Above all, being bombarded with eternal advertisements; left, right and centre. Gentrification, being priced out of the property-ladder and numerous other burning current affairs are being blatantly pushed under the rug. These are just some of the issues that require attention and tackling. The governments are not oblivious to the above social issues nor can we absolve them from responsibility. No point delaying the evil hour.

    If you observe countries, the phenomena is very primitive and non-progress. There are an alarming rise in fascist, nazi, alt-right and extreme rights movement. Mind you, the vast majority of their members are so-called, progressive millennials. I'm just mumbling.. That's my surmise.

  4. Point of Delicacy: The Host really should sit down AFTER the guest is seated: a mark of respect. No matter; ettiquette has long since been thrown out of the window………..alas, to our own detriment. Note how the host starts the presentation speaking about himself first.

  5. The "flow" concept does seem to have a level of tolerance to interruption once you're there, as long as the interruption is something you can make the choice to ignore, or that doesn't require a real shift of primary attention.

  6. 15:52 – "FALSE TRUTH" – "Not you. And so what ended up happening was a group of people grew up with a false truth about who they are and what they're capable of in the world. Then they graduate and they get it the first job and like this they discover they're not special." — Simon Sinek

    "false truth"

    A false truth is something believed by many people to be true but is not. It is usually something that cannot be backed up with hard evidence.

  7. 4:35 – "It's not about being in charge, it's about taking care of those in your charge. And it has nothing to do with your rank or authority. And I think we very often confuse a position of leadership with being a leader. And so everybody has the capacity to be a leader. And anybody can be a leader regardless of their rank or position. And not everyone who's in a position of authority is a leader despite what we call them." — Simon Sinek

    6:48 – "So let me unpack that." — Simon Sinek

    13:22 – "I met a ton of Millennials who had come up to me afterwards and thanked me. And some of them were brought to tears because they thought it was them. They thought they were broken. They thought there was something wrong with them. The struggle to form relationships. The struggle to form trust or deal with stress. They thought it was them and they understood that they still have to. They still had that struggle that the problem doesn't go away but they're not broken. It's it's largely because of how they grew up that impacted their view of the world." — Simon Sinek

  8. 24:56 We should all learn what it means to be humble and how to always be honest enough with ourselves to remain open to criticism. A person's greatest strength is being able to recognize and acknowledge his greatest weakness. Be open and receptive to criticism @ all times. If you're willing to acknowledge that it actually does happen to apply to you (whatever "it" may be), then start working on yourself by altering yourself, your lifestyle, your circle of five, and/or your life as deemed necessary. This typically always requires growth and change; do it for yourself and for your own personal betterment. And if it doesn't apply to you, then toss it aside and continue working on the criticism that does apply to you so you can be that much closer to becoming your best self and in all your attempts @ becoming successful by actively pursuing whatever goal(s) that you're currently trying to achieve. It's not easy, but it is simple. Be Blessed !!!

  9. Simon should be on mainstream television. But no they don't want people to learn this. I'm spreading his name as much as possible and I hope everyone is doing the same.

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