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Simon Sinek on How to Get People to Follow You Inside Quest


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  1. ?☄ Author Unknown ???

    ?Lidership is responsibility.✍
    ? Changing the people environment that change their behaviour.✍

    Love the Job because my self I present in that time✍

  2. The world needs change of this type. The type of human kindness. At ages 18 – 21 kids are getting killed, wow, and not only that, leaders need to join in and support Simon Sinek, leaders should create a mission letting Simon Sinek and his followers as leaders show a remarkable side of support to all walks of life, but done as a mission. More people need to experience how wonderful it will feel, if they believe it can happen. Please, Please create a mission, where the information can reach more people not only in societies, but in the world, safely.

    Thank you, if you get to read this and if
    you can make a difference, helping all of humanity.

    I myself graduate this May 2018, and truly seek this out
    from whoever my future employer will be.

  3. As good as he is in delivering his message he has a terrible habit of saying RIGHT after every point . I've listened to some of his other talks and the same scenario exists . he makes a point and tries to convince you by saying right . I like him but it's distracting .

  4. Great talk, great interviewer please speak to the set designer and make someone change those chairs, they make really distracting noises. Try listening to the episode without watching to see what it sounds like.

  5. Passion is a man or woman's willingness to suffer for what they believe in (or love)! That's what passion is. It's never a job or a career! It's what makes you willing to suffer more than you thought you could.

  6. One of the key thing I learned is that Business is system designed to protect people. Leadership is "protecting the people (employees) who protects the the people (customers) who believe what they believe in"!

  7. Increíble, tan solo cambiando la forma de ver las cosas uno se da cuenta que los problemas no son culpa de las personas.
    Antes criticaba mucho el uso de la tecnología, pero luego de ver esto cambie de opinión.
    Gracias Simon.

  8. Thats it… I used to do a shift leader in a awfully broken company that after all just bankrupt and I left… My ex once told me I am a born leader and people follow me… I thought she just wants to sleep with me again or somthing but after all the years I started realize that she wasnt bullshitin me… I loved when I worked there… People were actually ok with working overtime but on my shift and nobody did over times there… But I allways had the people there… There was this elderly guy. He was ugly as fuck and nobody wanted him on his shift. He was useless totaly and then he ended up working with me. I gave him the time, I teached him everything I knew and after like 2 weaks I gave him measure tools and said go and do it and he did… He actually ended up one of the best people at this job in all the company… He was allways thanking me, like all the time he actually invited me to his fkin vedding as a witness I was like WTF ?!? Cmoon :D… And I remember one day lots of bad shit happened to me in my personal life I was crushed. I was soo toxic it was awfull and guys came to me and said give us the papers and turn off… I took really nasty heavy and technical pieces to manufacture I turned on a machine and just worked… Didnt think of anything just bashed the shit out of me and in the end all the stuff that had to be done was done 😮 They just took over the leading and did it on their own and I was allmost crying I couldnt believe it… But now Im back again in business as a basic dude by the machine in other disfunctional company and I realize now… I loved it… I loved teaching people… I loved being rude at managers because they were totally useless and stupid and they never fired me for it, not sure why tho cuz they were total idiots… I loved taking all the blame from them for some shit that happened… I loved getting the materials, gloves and stuff for my people and I loved them… I was so proud of every single one of those who worked with me… And I didnt want this but I loved it… And Im going for it again and Im not going to fkin stop… I got this 1 boss now… He tells my coworkers hell kick them in the head (really no bullshit 🙁 ) And this bitch is going down and I dont care… He never said to me anything like this cuz even when he starts this shit on me i literally tell him go fuck yourself I do this for 10 fkin years not you (I again Im actually managing to get away with this again 😀 😀 ) Hes absoílutely incompetent and he knows and he still blames people instead of planing the manufacture properly ang giving us all basic shit we need, he doesnt fix problems just expects that we do it for him… I saved his ass recently I managed to pull off something that actually saved the company lot of money I just figured how can we make it on our own and not hiring another company to do it for us… I wont stop. Im going for it and I dont care I was born for this and now I know it…

  9. Man!!!! I loooooove!!!!!!!!!! This man, Sinek you're such a bless man, God truly "blessed" you with wisdom and I would love!!! To meet you one day. God bless you!!!

  10. This interview guy is stupid and trying to be smart by connecting the terminology while completely forgetting the actual meaning behind what Simon said. I hope he got fired… He shouldnt host a show where he doesnt fully understand it or have the capacity to comprehend it.

  11. Great sentiments. Great ideals. Great utopian wish. Doesn’t apply at 90% of the places people will work in their lives. Supplanting your internal esteem and feeling of fulfillment for an external (job) source of that fulfillment is an error many will make. This will lead to many dissatisfied young people who will blame the job, boss, company for their personal lack of fulfillment. They will lead a life jumping from unfulfilled job to unfulfilled job looking for purpose, esteem, “fulfillment”, not realizing jobs aren’t responsible for supplying your source of fulfillment in life. You can find fulfillment in a job where none of these elements exist. You have to find it internally…..not externally. A lot of truth in what he says, but he is slightly off target.

    This is the definition of entitlement. That people “have a RIGHT” to be provided a certain culture at their place of work.

    Very nice sounding platitudes, quotes, and quips, but none of it is practical nor does it correlate to the actual experiences people will continue to encounter in their work life.

    Prepare people for the real while they chase the ideal. Don’t tell them the ideal is out there or that it SHOULD be provided for you. They’ll lead very disenchanted lives.

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