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Simon Sinek on Intensity vs Consistency

Sick of endless ‘re-orgs’, lay-offs and away days? Why do workplaces always go for quick wins and flashy paint jobs over steady, consistent change? Award-winning animator Jocie Juritz brings her trademark wit and creativity to the second animation extracted from Simon Sinek’s acclaimed RSA talk on organisational culture.

Voice: Simon Sinek, Global bestselling author and leadership guru
Animation: Jocie Juritz
Editing and Production: Abi Stephenson

Extracted from a free talk given at the RSA in London, 2016. Watch the full talk here:

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  1. Excellent. Some people are always looking for quick fixes and its more about about building deep beneficial relationships and investing long term in them. Business and personal life.- encore Simon !

  2. This has too much of a "this is a good idea because it's good for business" vibe to it. Consistency IS important, but not because it's good for business. Because it's good for society.

  3. The cartoon about the getting into shape thing is quite misleading and belittling of bodybuilders tbh Being a huge bodybuilder is all about consistency – and this is coming from someone who really should go to the gym more often.

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