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Simon Sinek on Why Focusing on Winning Is the Quickest Way to Lose

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  • In his new book, 'The Infinite Game,' Simon Sinek says the most successful companies focus on the long term. Here's why the short-term wins are overrated.

Source | | Damon Brown

Simon Sinek‘s new book, The Infinite Game, has a fascinating argument: Business doesn’t have winners or losers, since there is no definitive end to the “game.” True success comes from building relationships for the long haul.

It also means not risking everything for a short-term win.

You have to respect your competition

On the podcast Behind the Brand With Bryan Elliott, Sinek talks about former Ford CEO and president Alan Mulally. In 2006, Mulally took over Ford from the company’s namesake as it was recovering from both financial and market share losses. He wondered how, culturally, Ford could have lost its lead.

Mulally then asked if there were any Toyotas–then the most popular car brand in the U.S.–or other competing manufacturer vehicles on the premises. There were none.

In other words, Ford was determined to beat the competition without actually studying what the competition was doing. How was that going to work?

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