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Simon Sinek: ‘The skill of having an uncomfortable conversation is essential’—this hack can make it easier

By | Ashton Jackson |

Uncomfortable conversations are inevitable — and that’s why learning to navigate them is necessary for building healthy relationships and a successful career.

Maybe you need to offer a friend or colleague some constructive criticism, or you’ve been called into a meeting with your boss to discuss a work project that went south. These conversations may be nerve-wracking, but learning to confront them head-on — and with the right amount of tact — can help turn an uncomfortable situation into a positive.

That’s according to bestselling author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek, who recently shared his tips for handling difficult conversations in a video posted on his YouTube channel.

“As human beings, we actually have to work very hard to be human, and one of those human skills that we need to practice is how to have uncomfortable conversations,” Sinek said in the video. “Being uncomfortable is part of being human.”

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