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Simon Sinek – Understanding Empathy

A snippet form a recent Simon Sinek keynote,


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  1. I learned in high school that a company is 'forever'. Don't they teach that any more? Then people would know what game they're playing. Boy, wouldn't the motivation create neat things when all are playing the long game?

  2. Just for discussion: what's your view on being bullied because of acting empathetic (or "nice")? also are there individuals who are simply not motivated no matter what?

  3. 4:41 "There is no CEO on the planet that is responsible for the customer". So the million small business owners around the world that are CEO's are not responsible for their customers?

  4. Basically, the leaders that show empathy will give employees the bonuses from tax cuts, those who don't have it, will pocket it or give it to their shareholders.

  5. The 50 year goal is the same one that China's government does. They play the long game. Want proof? They have been building paved roads in Africa for FREE. Africa is set to become the nations largest population by 2080. Think China doesn't know that? We sure don't. It's why we can never innovate as a country. We only care about winning. The smart play as a country is to just not lose.

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