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Simon Sinek’s talk and full interview at the London Science Museum

Simon discusses his book “Start with Why” at the IMAX Theatre London Science Museum event. He explains the importance of playing the infinite game, while giving real examples from companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook.

His talk is followed by a live interview conducted by Amol Rajan, BBC’s famous presenter.


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  1. I know that this comment is not related to the topic of the video, but boy I got distracted by his charisma and caught myself having to click to replay what he said. I mean, Simon Sinek is freaking hot!
    Brainy's the new sexy.

  2. As others have mentioned, the interviewer is irritating and interruptive. Terrible choice. Also the story of the Lisa is ..wrong. As a kid I had an Apple 2 and when I went to work, they had a couple of old Apple Lisa's. The Apple 2 had the old text-typing interface, and the Lisa had the 1st Graphical User Interface – which was then brought over to a more accessible computer called the Macintosh. The Lisa was a big business based machine, and Apple wanted to bring that GUI to everyone – which was the Mac. The story was that Xerox claimed Apple had stolen their GUI interface.. I could be wrong, but I believe there was even a lawsuit, but Xerox lost because they didn't patent this idea of a mouse and an arrow used to pick from menu options.

  3. The interviewer is so arrogant, it’s cringeworthy! All of his questions , responses and body language had major undertones of arrogance and an “I know it all” attitude. Simon is a master in this field, he should show enthusiasm, positivity, passion and buy into what he is saying rather than trying question everything and make out he knows it all. Embarrassing. I’ve seen this guy on the One Show, hopeless.

  4. Interesting interview. I found the interviewer to be experienced with good questions. Comments with negative feedback about his performance are a little unfair I think.

  5. I love Simon´s footwork during the interview. A comment below (scroll down) says "Simon was nervous and shocking his legs when he was answering ha ha ha." No he wasn´t. He was speaking with his whole body.

  6. The guy interviewed Simon is arrogant and showing off dumber ! look at his body languages, just suggest that he has no respect to audiences and Simon… the worst journalist ever!!

  7. The interviewer is atrocious. No research and accusatory doubtful undertones and longwinded neverending questions. It's also obvious he didn't listen to the speech thinking trends were infinite game strengths and he interrupts the guest speaker with more crap. Simon has to correct and educate him regularly. I bailed about 8 minutes into the q&a due to the frustration of this embarrassing uninformed crap interviewer.

  8. Simon Sinek's thoughts are great. But then he really needs to preach the ideas BEYOND executives.
    He should preach that to the board members and the investors. Because ultimately they are the source of capitals and thus objectives which the executives will do whatever it takes to achieve.

  9. The interviewer needs some work, he is too full of himself and locked the flow of the conversation many times, focusing more on the way he said things than actually the content of the question/statement. Just feedback for improvement 🙂

  10. Thank you for sharing, I'm following Simon Sinek and his words and this is another one that sets the tone for that better future 🙂

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