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Simple Ways to Make the Office Happier

By | Dawn Castell

You and your employees spend a large amount of your lives in the office, so it only makes sense for the office to be a happy place. Happy employees are productive employees, and productive employees make happy bosses (i.e. YOU). If you think your office needs a happiness boost, here are a few tips that can help you achieve the happy office you desire.

Get an office pet.

Research has shown that having a pet can reduce stress and depression. Having an office pet can reduce tension all throughout the office. A pet can bond with your employees and even bring them closer together as they find common ground in caring for the pet. Here are a few animals that make the best office pets:

  • Cats could probably be considered as the best animal to have as an office pet (and I am not just saying that because they are my favorite). They are small enough to stay out of the way but lovable enough to make people happy. They are also relatively clean, low-maintenance animals.
  • Dogs would be next on the list. They are some of the most loyal animals you can find.You will want to get a small dog since a big one would probably be in the way. Also, get an intelligent dog that can easily be house-broken (or in this case, office-broken) so you aren’t constantly cleaning up messes instead of working.
  • Fish are great pets for the office because they also a good visual stimulus.  Depending on how much space you have in your office,  you could set up a nice reef aquarium with a beautiful “under the sea” look. A great assortment of fish will add to the scene. This is a great choice for offices with employees that may be allergic to cats or dogs.

Promote a positive and interactive environment.

A positive environment encourages employees to work harder and be more productive. No one wants to go to a place that is negative and stressful everyday. A positive and interactive environment can also foster creativity. Creativity helps to spark innovation, which keeps your company moving forward.

To keep your office on a positive note, you must stomp out negativity as soon as it happens. Negativity can spread like a wildfire, so stopping it at the source as soon as possible is imperative to keeping your office environment a happy place.

Make sure the break room is nice, clean, and comfortable.

Employees need a place to relax and unwind from the stresses of their job. Going into a blah room that mimics a larger version of their cubicle isn’t going to help them unwind. It will just remind them that they are at work.

Many companies are now making their break rooms more like a room in a home. They have comfortable couches for naps and flat panel televisions for entertainment. Some may have games, books, and magazines. Many break rooms have free coffee and other energizing drinks, as well as snacks or vending machines. Making sure the snacks in the vending machine are healthy is another way to keep employees happy. Since people are more health conscious these days, having healthy foods can keep employees healthy, attentive, and productive. Having a refrigerator and microwave gives employees a way to bring lunch from home so they can save money. If your company is in the Phoenix area, consider hiring a commercial cleaning company in Phoenix AZ to help make sure your break room area is spick and span for your employees to enjoy. Having a nice place to relax during break is important to keep employees happy.

Most Importantly, Have Fun!

The best way to promote a happy office starts with you. You don’t want your employees to look at you like the stuffy, intimidating boss in the big suit, so don’t act that way. Smile, be nice, tell a few jokes, and laugh sometimes. Not only will this lead to a happy office, but it will lead to a sense of openness with your employees. Allowing them to be open with you makes it easier to lead them in a better, happier direction.

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