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Simple Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

By | Rayanne Morriss

Employees are the backbone of every organization. They put in long hours and work hard to help the company achieve its goals. Employers need to show their employees that they appreciate all their hard work by implementing simple gestures of appreciation as they are essential to a productive and enjoyable work environment. Here are some of the ways you can use to make your employees feel appreciated:

1. Give Employees Compliments

This one is probably the most obvious, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to show appreciation. Saying thank you can be as simple as a verbal acknowledgment or a handwritten note. Employees love to receive compliments, especially for their work. If your employees are putting in extra effort, let them know that you notice and appreciate it.

2. Let Them Take Time Off

Employees need time to relax and rejuvenate, especially if they’ve been working hard. Offer them the chance to take time off, either through vacation or sick days. If they are overloaded with work, give them a break. Let them work on something else for a change or take a few hours off to catch their breath. Offer them time off to spend with their families, whether it’s through vacation days or flexible hours. Employees who have a strong family life are more likely to be productive and happier at work.

3. Let Them Know Their Opinion Matters

Employees love to feel like their opinions matter. When you consult them on important decisions, let them know that their input is valued. Sometimes, employees need to hear that they are contributing to the company’s growth. Send them an email or give them a call to let them know that you appreciate all their ideas. If you’re not sure what their opinion is, ask them.

4. Thank Them For Their Loyalty

Loyalty is something that you should reward as an employer. If your employees have been with the company for a long time, thank them for their dedication. Offer them special perks, such as free lunches or extra vacation. Encouraging their development is one of the ways you can appreciate their loyalty. That’s because employees want to feel like they’re growing and developing in their roles. Offer them opportunities to learn new things, take on new challenges, and expand their skill set. It will show them that you’re invested in their long-term success at the company.

5. Custom Award

Awarding employees for their hard work is a great way to show appreciation. But it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. A simple decorated trophy can go a long way in making your employees feel appreciated. You can even get creative and come up with your custom awards, like “Employee of the Month” or “Top Salesperson.”

6. Help Them Out When They’re Struggling

The best way to show your employees that you care is by actually spending time with them. Get to know them at a personal level, not just employees. If an employee is struggling with their work, help them out however you can. Offer them advice, show them how to do things differently, or provide whatever assistance they need. This will show them that you’re invested in their success and not just their output. When you show them that you care about them as individuals, they’ll feel appreciated and valued.

7. Give Them Feedback

Giving feedback is essential to helping employees improve their performance. But it’s also essential to give feedback that is positive and constructive. If you only give criticism, your employees will feel like you’re never satisfied with their work. Make sure to balance your feedback so that your employees feel appreciated for their successes and motivate them to improve in areas where they need it.

8. Host Company Events

Hosting department or company-wide events is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate them. This could be anything from a holiday party to a summer barbeque. Employees love feeling like they’re part of a team, and these events help foster that sense of community. Plus, it’s an excellent way for employees to bond with each other and have some fun outside of work.


Feeling appreciated is an integral part of employee satisfaction and motivation. Managers can easily show their employees that they are valued by expressing gratitude in various ways. These small actions can help create a more positive work environment and boost productivity

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