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Simplifying HR: How to Automate Time & Attendance with Factorial

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Did you know 80% of employee timesheets have to be corrected? We’re here to fix that. Listen in on Product Experts Kylie Grant and Pat Ranslam from Factorial to deep dive into automating those time-consuming processes to save your business time and money.

In this webinar, we covered:
✅ Time and Attendance Challenges: We explored the common challenges that companies were facing in terms of time and attendance management. These challenges included manual tracking, inaccuracies, time theft, and the heavy administrative burden placed on HR managers. We discussed how these challenges could impact productivity and overall business operations.

✅ New and Upcoming Product Updates: We provided exclusive insights into the latest product updates from Factorial. We showcased the cutting-edge features and enhancements that had been added to the platform. Participants had the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve as we unveiled how these updates could further streamline HR processes and improve efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

✅ Benefits of HR Automation: We delved into the numerous benefits that HR automation brings to businesses. We discussed how automation optimizes time and attendance management, streamlines recruitment processes, enhances employee onboarding, simplifies performance management, and improves compliance with HR policies. Participants gained a clear understanding of how HR automation can transform their HR departments and drive overall organizational success.

✅ Quick Factorial Demo: We provided a quick demo of Factorial, showcasing the intuitive user interface, highlighting key features, and demonstrating how the platform simplifies HR tasks. Participants witnessed firsthand how Factorial could automate time and attendance tracking, generate insightful reports, streamline employee data management, and facilitate seamless collaboration across the HR team.

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