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“Shut up Nate. You’re never going to be any good… We’re not good at wrestling and we never will be.” Nate Zinsser’s classmate

By the time Nate became a junior in high school, the wrestling team had its first winning season in decades.

Today, Dr. Zinsser is the Director of the Performance Psychology Program at the United States Military Academy at West Point. This post is based on our conversation and his new book, The Confident Mind.

Six limiting beliefs that hold you back:

#1. Remember your failures.

It’s better to focus on memories of effort, success, and progress and the vision of the future you really want.

“Put yourself in a position to be more confident about yourself.” Dr. Nate Zinsser

#2. Always be your own harshest critic.

It’s better to reserve self-judgement for times when you can calmly acknowledge your weaknesses without belittling yourself.

#3. Always be logical.

Logic throws out creativity, joy, and the discovery of the things that give life its greatest meaning.

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