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Six Resolutions HR Pros Must Consider

Source | Namely : By Sneh Kadakia

Every new year brings a new list of resolutions. Chances are you’ve committed to getting healthy, getting organized, living life to the fullest, learning a new hobby or traveling more. We are rigorously throwing out the junk food, joining gyms, and planning trips.
But then, reality kicks in after holiday glow. Now that we’re a few weeks in, the pace has quickly picked up and our plates are now full. In turn, all of those exciting activities and initiatives become harder and harder to keep up with.
As HR professionals, there are many things we can encourage in the workplace to help our employees stick to their resolutions—and avoid burnout by next month. Here are six resolutions employers should adopt to promote that elusive work/life balance and a healthier lifestyle for our employees.


Resolution #1: Encourage Employees To Schedule Vacation Days

More than half (55%) of Americans did not take all of their vacation days in 2015, according to a study by the U.S. Travel Association. This can lead to overworked employees that eventually burn out—all because they didn’t take the time to recharge. However, many employees are hesitant to take these days because the work culture looks down upon being out of the office.
Here’s your opportunity to change any perceptions and proactively show that you care about your employees’ wellness and want them to fully leverage their paid vacation days.
Talk to your people managers about discussing vacation time with their employees. An added perk to everyone getting a head start on planning days off is that you can ensure business goals can still be meet while employees take turns being out of the office. Plus, you may find heightened engagement and productivity because your employees were able to take the time off they needed.

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