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Six Strategies To Maintain Employee Motivation

Source | | Rebecca Skilbeck

We can all recognize highly motivated and engaged employees when we see them. They’re more productive, they don’t hold back, and they go the extra mile. But why?

The simple answer is because they want to. They’re inspired by their work, they believe in their organisation and they feel connected to what it’s trying to achieve.

Imagine working in an environment where everyone felt inspired and loved what they did every day. It almost sounds too good to be true, but high-functioning teams do exist: organisations such as Google, Atlassian and Microsoft show us it can be done. These teams share a common denominator: their leadership constantly motivates and inspires employees.

As a leader, how do you help create an environment where people feel engaged and motivated? Here are six strategies to help drive engagement and inspire your employees.

1. Set goals to create meaning

Goal-setting gives employees meaning in their day-to-day roles:

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