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Six ways in which teachers can use ChatGPT to their benefit

ChatGPT, a generative AI tool, has approximately 100 million active users who use it to tackle complex topics and automate various everyday tasks. Teachers are now finding new ways to make use of the tool to streamline lesson plans, assessments and communication with students, parents and colleagues. ChatGPT can simplify complex topics, assess and evaluate students’ assignments, build interactive teaching aids and address the needs of special students

Source | | Riya Tandon, ET Online

By now, you all must have become acquainted with all the buzz around ChatGPT and generative AI. Designed to understand and produce texts resembling a human response, this high-tech tool has already reached around 100 million active users. From writing essays, articles, poetry and paragraphs for you, to decoding and simplifying complex themes and equations, it does what it claims — ensuring impressively quick responses to all your queries.

However, many educators have started resenting this tool’s acceptance in the education sector. They claim “it can hamper creative thinking and research skills of the students”. Plus, with more students potentially exploring this AI bot to write their assignments and at-home tests, teachers are struggling to rethink strategies to fight plagiarism.

Having said that, what if we told you that there are numerous ways in which teachers can use ChatGPT to their benefit? Along with streamlining lesson plans, generating mind-boggling quizzes, and designing engaging activities, teachers can use this software to automate a wide range of their everyday tasks.

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