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Six Ways To Become A Better Manager

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In management today, it isn’t enough to simply focus on end results. No matter what field you’re a manager in, you’ll find that job satisfaction, and therefore job productivity, is directly tied to positive management skills. The bottom line for a company can be affected by a bad manager through lackluster results and high turnover. As a successful CEO and direct manager of countless employees myself, I’ve found these methods have helped me improve my own skills as a manager and improve my company’s performance.

Learn To Delegate

Delegation is one of the most important skills a manager can possess and one of the hardest to develop. Many feel that giving up control of a project will result in poor results or more work than if they had just done it themselves. I know I used to think so, but the truth is this is the No. 1 way to demotivate a team and burn yourself out.

Instead, placing trust in and delegating to your best performers will foster a sense of ownership. Employees who feel trusted by their employers are far more likely to take personal pride in a task and feel a sense of accomplishment when complete. Major bonus? You’ve freed up some valuable time to develop your company vision and your employees.

Figure Out Your Management Style

If you want to become a better manager, take a good, hard look at yourself. The best managers perform constant self-examination and are aware of their strengths and flaws. They use strengths to their advantage in their leadership role. They also actively work on their flaws to correct them or, at the very least, keep them from affecting their team of employees.

The second is particularly important. No one is perfect, and no manager is perfect, but the best are honest about who they are and how their qualities fit into the picture. For example, I know I quickly get impatient when I feel a task could be completed more efficiently. Knowing this, I purposely take a deep breath, decompress and then positively offer some feedback on creating efficiency from the standpoint of making my employee’s life easier.

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