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Sixth Sense- Secret of My Failure

Source || By|David Wise man

What a great idea for a LinkedIn article!

I’ve been writing articles here since the summer and had been blown away by the response. A couple made it to 4,000+ likes; the 5,000 milestone was looking like an elusive one.

I knew this one was different when it has 1,500 likes after 12 hours and 3,500 after a day. Every second I was receiving a notification. I try to respond to everyone who likes the piece or leaves a comment, but here it was just too hard. Apologies if I missed anyone.

When the dust settled (as of now), the numbers are:


In retrospect, it should have been obvious. LinkedIn is the go-to place of many looking for a job and for many of them, ghosting is a huge pain point. Already vulnerable and anxious, the trauma of being ghosted can make a difficult experience even more harrowing.

The post was therapeutic and spoke to many in a way none of my previous pieces had. I knew I had struck a chord when I saw a whole slew of other articles about ghosting appear.

It could be that I never reach these heights again.

The problem with achieving metrics on such a grandiose level is that you may start thinking you’ve cracked the recipe for success. If you do start thinking this, you’d be horribly mistaken which is why success itself is one of biggest obstacles for ever achieving it again.

In being so successful, we create a rod for our own backs.

“Why didn’t you achieve the same numbers as last year?” bosses will demand.
“Because last year was an unprecedented record year” we will answer.
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