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Skill Training – indispensable to job excellence

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Labour resource or workforce management has been ranked as the most critical business activity for seven years consecutively by 2019 Research Gate study on HRM. Training your workers can be an all-consuming activity, costing you both time and resources. Before you go ahead and dismiss the idea of helping your employees acquire new skills, or sharpening their existing skills, consider the many ways that skill-based training can positively affect your employees and your company.

Training increases productivity. In addition to learning how to complete tasks and take on more responsibility, apprentices can learn advanced techniques that can help them complete everyday tasks more efficiently. For example, sending your bookkeeper to an advanced Excel class may help him to learn shortcuts to simplify the accounting processes or sending your management apprentice for a soft skills training.

Training reduces turnover. The workforce epidemic that is plaguing organizations from reaching its full potential is its turnover rates. When your staff does not receive guidance or faces challenges learning the nuances of new job roles and responsibilities, they feel pressurized and will likely choose to leave your company. However, they are less likely to leave if they have the opportunity to learn new skills to keep up within their industry.

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