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Skype interviews vs FACE to FACE

Source | LinkedIn : By Aiyshah Gwilliam

There’s no question that the phenomenon of skyping today is almost an everyday practice, but can we still conduct job interviews through skype and still feel that we have a realistic perspective of the candidate?

Having been a business in the past that dealt exclusively with face to face candidates only, we have recently got into Skype interviews as we felt that we needed to branch out our candidate base away from the city we were in.

We followed the usual procedure and advertised online, got everyone’s CV and shortlisted about 5 of them. From this point we set up a time to skype every person and had a set of interview questions that we tried on each person.

Our overall responses were as follows:

1.      All candidates had a skype address and were willing to take part in the interview.

2.      Some skyping had connection problems, so sound and video were sometimes difficult.

3.      Most candidates skyped from their bedroom or living room.

4.      Most candidates answered questions in almost a similar vein with the appropriate answers and follow up questions.

5.      The time difference for some candidates was difficult to match and so we had to conduct our interview late in the evening our time.

6.      The candidate only had our website and social media to gauge any kind of feeling about our business.

These were the general results, however comparing the overall spread of candidates that we got through skype compared to face to face interviews, the face to face interview candidate CV’s tended to match better to the person than in skype interviews candidate CVs.

This raised an interesting point. Why is it that the face to face candidate people performed much more authentically than the skype interview people? Why was the overall impression of someone we met in person so much clearer than on the skype interview? A skype is simply a face to face video of what you would have seen if they had come in to your office. Why are they so different?

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