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Slant’d – Making of an Asian-American Magazine | Talks at Google


Asian-American entrepreneurs Krystie Mak and Katerina Jeng discuss founding a new Asian-American magazine focused on telling the stories of everyday Asian Americans through poetry, art, short fiction and essays. Along with digital director Tessa Ku, the panel explores how the magazine’s mission has evolved, and the challenges of representing the diverse groups that fall under the title “Asian American.” Magazine contributor Gary Yeh reads an excerpt from his piece in the latest issue and discusses how mental health is stigmatized in the Asian American community.

The first issue released November 2017 can be found at

Moderated by Lauren Hirsch.


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  1. James Demore wrote that certain people at Googs voluntarily choose to apply to certain jobs because it's what they like to do, or for whatever reason. Then we get a magazine titled with an obvious racial slur about slanty-eyed folks with yeller skin, and it's all cool. Go ahead and play stupid and act like you don't know what I'm referring to.

  2. I enjoyed listening to these young people who are from a very different background who have such a passionate and positive attitude about sharing their stories. This promotes understanding and gives me an interest in knowing more. I wonder if our library will have this publication? I will be checking on that. The adoption question would be very interesting to me.

  3. I found this fascinating. It occurred to me that the alienation—and even the episodes of severe depression—you discussed had a very important political and futurist relevance. How important will it be in the near future to find your place in America when American power declines, when American power becomes ugly, and when American power eventually folds into a multi-polar world? I think identity and power are the same thing. Is it meaningful to find residual power in institutions that are withering against the tests of the future? Well, I'd find it very interesting if you could produce a few pieces on politics and the future. Can people like you—and me too—find platforms for finding higher forms of identity and more effective forms of power inside new institutions that cross the historical boundaries of the nation-state? And ultimately isn't this the only method to advocate social, political and philosophical ideals that have no home inside the traditional vessels of political power and which have little practical significance in the real America of the 21st century? And for the Dukie on the panel, please refrain from using the word "minority" to describe yourself. After all, your face is the face of most of this planet.

  4. Dumb magazine name tbh. What Asians need is to reconnect with their heritage traditional languages and cultures, not try to mass bond over fked up feelings of oppression only.

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