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Smart Humans with Smart Machines will do the unimaginable

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We are already in the era of Smart Machines. Today, you will find at least twice or thrice the number of machines around you as compared to humans if not more. For every need or want, there is either an existing machine or one getting developed. We have reached a stage that today, a machine asks you questions and verifies whether you are a human or not. That is the technology advancement we are talking about which is only bound to grow further. Innovation is giving new, increasingly inventive approaches & subsequently empowering us to keep up with the world moving at such a brisk pace.
Are machines smarter than human beings? Can they outrun humans and be all-sufficient?

Machines will be smarter every passing minute. They will be at par or even surpass the human abilities in specific tasks. But a generic AI, an all-sufficient, superpower AI is still a work of fiction and will be for the foreseeable future.

So what is that one thing that the science world is betting on so heavily? It’s not hard to guess with all the buzz around us, it’s ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm and if you feel that everyone in the tech-business has a primary focus and plans to leverage its powers in its coming roadmap, you aren’t wrong.

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