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SMILE Your Way Back Into The Workforce

Source | LinkedIn : By Laks Krishnamoorthy

With 200+ million customers across 203 countries and global workforce, Diversity and Inclusion is core value to PayPal in our mission of democratization of financial services. PayPal Recharge is our flagship program that provides a platform for women who have taken a break and are raring to get back in. We take a three-step approach to build confidence, bringing them up-to speed on current technology trends and shed their inhibitions. This year we launched two events in the last week of March one in Chennai and the other in Bangalore. A total of 150+ women attended. The objective of the events was to build confidence, motivate, inspire and let the women know that there are many people who are rooting for their success. The two days of power packed sessions can be synthesized into key takeaways encapsulated in the word SMILE.

Self-Belief/Self Confidence:

·     Believe that you can do anything you put your mind to.

·     Come back to work because you want to.

·     You are important and respect yourselves.

·     Know and play to your strengths.

·     Be ruthless in your prioritization – You cannot be #1 in everything.

·     Be comfortable saying NO.

·     Don’t feel guilty of not being able to do things lower in your priority.

·     Define your own box.

Market yourselves:

·     Build your personal brand.

·     Make every interaction count. Pick and choose the events you want to attend.

·     Plan and prepare for whom you want to interact with and make it engaging,

·     Shed your inhibitions.

·     Have your elevator pitch ready.

·     In meetings, don’t be shy, voice your opinions. Be respectful but make your point.

·     Create a digital footprint. update your LinkedIn profile, keep your Twitter humming

Invest in yourselves

·     Create a Wealth vision and set your Career goals.

·     What is your strategy to achieve your goal for now, Short Term and Long Term?

·     Believe in Planning, Be Methodical, Stay Focused.

·     Review regularly. Spend one hour a quarter to review progress.

·     Get to know your financial situation. Don’t rely on others alone.

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