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So, What is design thinking?

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Design thinking has now become another corporate buzzword. With big names like Apple, Microsoft and IBM recruiting in-house design thinking teams to unearth innovation and create possible solutions for human-centric problems, at Xobin, we wanted to unravel and present to our customers as to how design thinking in recruitment could bring in “value proposition” to the table.

So, What is design thinking?

Simply put, design thinking is a method of solving complex problems using a structured innovative process aimed at providing solutions to human-centric problems. First off, let’s pen down the process involved in design thinking and see how we could relate it to recruitment.

Design Thinking in Recruitment

Major problems faced by recruiters

We leveraged LinkedIn to connect with over 1800 Recruiters across 25 countries and asked precise questions on the recruiting challenges faced by their organizations. We found that while on one hand, three-quarters find it cumbersome to find relevant candidates, on the other hand, hiring managers claim that 40 per cent of the new hires leave the organization within 6 months on joining. Hence we attempted to chalk-out the major problems faced by the employers.

1. Attracting the Right People

Attracting Candidates Using Design ThinkingAs already stated earlier, a vast number of recruiters and hiring managers are not able to find relevant candidates. Inefficient recruitment outreach, unattractive job description and ignoring passive candidates are the main aspects considered as bottle-neck for attracting the right candidates.

Design Solution #1- Inbound Recruitment Marketing

Harness Inbound recruitment marketing. Just a “we are hiring” post on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter is not sufficient. In addition to the careers page on the website, design an exclusive blog for recruitment and write content as to how it would be like to work in your organization. A professional video citing your gender diversity and cultural diversity will attract a wider range of applicants. Now ask your existing employees to take out to the social media and do the selling.

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