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So What, You Failed! We’ve All Been There on Our Way to Success

Source | LinkedIn | Sue Bhatia | Founder and Chairwoman | Las Vegas

There is a lesson in this statistic that they do not teach us in school: we will face many failures throughout our lives. That is a hard lesson to learn, but if learned successfully it will provide insight that will enable our success. My own failures – and I have had many – have brought me invaluable lessons, a strength and fortitude to rise to the next occasion, courage to embrace my dreams, and a fierce determination to reach my goals. Instead of running away from the challenges, I ran towards them having learned from the failures. That is one of the important lessons that failures bring us, the insight to know what we need to do next to become the person we wish to be. Our reactions to failure is what sets the stage for advancement or retreat along our personal path of success. This contrast helps us clarify our path. Failure can lead us towards our destiny if we embrace it positively. 

One of the biggest things that holds us back is how we define success and how we define failure. But if we knew that almost everyone, especially the most successful of us, had majorly failed and done so many times, we’d be less hard on ourselves. Take Oprah, for instance. She is arguably one of the most successful women in entertainment today. But the beginning of her career was not so auspicious. She was hired to co-anchor the evening news for a local ABC affiliate in Baltimore. She and her co-anchor did not get along and the public was not receptive of her as a young, African-American woman in a role that was predominantly held by older white men. She ended up being blamed, replaced, and demoted. But the experience allowed her to understand that news was not where she belonged. Instead, she found a more emotional approach that she aligned with in the daytime talk show format. This is where she excelled. The original failure set her on her path to success. If she had given up and left the industry altogether, the world would not have Oprah.

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