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So, You Didn’t Land Your Dream Job—Here’s What to Do Next (Besides Binge on Ben & Jerry’s)

By | Adrian Granzella Larssen |

About a month ago, my friend called me, thrilled: After a grueling months-long search, he had just wrapped up a final round interview for his dream job.

The position matched his skills (and paid well, to boot), the organization tied together two of his biggest passions, and the job was based in a city he’d love to move to. He had flown to the headquarters and met with several members of the team, including the head of the department and the president. At the end of the meeting, they asked for references and said they’d be in touch soon. Things were looking good.

Until, well, they weren’t. After a few weeks of patiently waiting and pleasantly following up, he got the email he had been dreading: He didn’t get the job.

It’s always a bummer to be rejected (even if you weren’t 100% sold on the job anyway). But when it’s your dream job? The one you had put all your energy into, told all your friends about, and scoped out nearby lunch places for?

It’s sort of the worst.

But it doesn’t have to be the disappointing ending to your finding-your-dream-job story. To my friend, and to anyone else who’s in the same boat, here’s what I’d recommend doing next.

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