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Social Media and the Future

By | Candice

With the constant advancement in technology over the years, there has been an increase in the number of social media platforms that each individual can access at their will. Numerous surveys across the country have revealed that many people spend close to five hours a day scrolling through their social media platforms. Also, many businesses and institutions use social media as a marketing platform to help them reach a wider market. Whereas there is the new generation that applauds the use of social media, there is still a group in our society that condemns the negative effects that have been brought about by the use of social media.

There are many benefits as well as disadvantages of social media use. This article highlights some of the pros and cons that arise from the use of social media.



Through social media platforms, people can socialize from anywhere in the world. There are individuals who have social anxiety and are introverts in nature. The use of social media helps them speak out and make friends with ease. Also, being lonely can lead to depression and, therefore, social media helps individuals to connect with their friends and thus stay happy. In addition, social media allows us to communicate our problems, and this way, a social group that deals with a certain problem in the society can easily contact you and offer you help.

Encourages You to Lead a Fulfilling Life

Through social media, you can follow up on what successful people do to be successful. You can, in turn, use this information to work towards fulfilling your goals and dreams. For example, through social media, you can access Scott Grimes net worth and know what he does to become this successful in life. In addition, in the field of academics, you can connect with various scholars and learn more about your field. 

You can get to learn more about leading a healthier life through working out or doing simple exercises in the comfort of your home. People who post positive content on social media tend to inspire many people in the process. Positive thinking is one of the known ways to combat stress. Therefore, it is important for people to focus on the positive content shared on social media and not the negative ones.

Promotes Talent

You can post your videos working on your talent, and this can land you a sponsorship deal or attract clients to your page. This, in turn, supports your personal and financial growth.



Most people have become addicted to social media use that they forget about their daily responsibilities. This can limit progress in life and can even lead to mental health problems in the long run.

Limits Face-to-Face Interactions

Face-to-face interactions are very important in our human lives. We get to connect, laugh, and share moments that cannot be experienced through the use of social media. The addiction to social media limits people from cultivating meaningful face-to-face interactions and this can lead to loneliness.

Cultivates Doubt and Insecurities

Not everyone using social media has the best of intentions. Some people post fake information that may cultivate doubt within individuals. In addition, when your peers post pictures enjoying life, you can develop a certain sense of insecurity which is quite harmful to your personal development and self-esteem.

The Future of Social Media

Social media has been evolving steadily over the past few years. There is much more in store for us as far as the future of social media is concerned. In the near future, we shall see improved security measures in social media platforms. This is because, as more and more businesses market their brands online, customers will be concerned about the safety of their personal information.

Also, there will be more use of voice searching rather than text searching. People will just utter some words, and automated assistants within the phone or tablets will perform the search and display the results on the screen. In addition, there will be more quality video features on social media platforms. Both companies and individuals will have to prepare for these coming changes to social media.

It is important to ensure that we use social media for the right reasons. This is because the wrong use of social media can harm you and other social media users as well.


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