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Software Engineer Attacks HR : Not Right, Join Union to Fight

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Muthukumar is a software Engineer based out of Chennai working in Sholinganallur. He is being terminated from his company citing performance issue. Ashwin is his human resource officer who facilitates the termination process on behalf of the company.

News clip from a Tamil channel

Muthukumar went to Ashwin residence located in Egmore and attempted to murder Ashwin with a sickle. Luckily people gathered after hearing the sound and saved Ashwin. He is later admitted in Rajiv Gandhi Hospital. Muthukumar is arrested by the local police.

2 months before there was a similar incident of Human resource officer attempt to murder based out in Guragon.

Binesh Sharma, HR head of Mitsuba which is a Japan based company was going to his office in his car. Sacked employee of his company named Joginder opened fire after following HR officer in 2 bikes with his relatives. Joginder was sacked a few days back from Mitsuba over his alleged “unprofessional behavior”. Joginder threatened Sharma of dire consequences but the HR head did not take this warning seriously. Sharma suffered two gunshot injuries. Sharma managed to drive the car with gunshot injury and reached office escaping from further attack. Later Sharma was admitted in hospital and treated for his injuries. In this incident also, Joginder is arrested and sent behind bars.

As a part of NDLF, we regret such incidents. Definitely IT employees cannot achieve anything through this individual attacks. We have repeatedly explained the problem from Human resource officer side. We insist that they are also our fellow employees who are getting paid like any one of us. Some HR officers support us in the journey of helping employees against layoff.

Instead of directing the anger at individual HR officers, we should organize in the union and struggle against the bosses of HR and their bosses who make the lay off decision and set the targets and make them change their ways.

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