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Solicit the Power of Manifestation to Get Your Dream Job

By | Prabhleen Gupta | Founder – Personal Mastery

Many of us are working at thejobs that we don’t feel enthusiastic about. Getting up every day and going to the same job seems like a task when you don’t work for what you really want. People always keep daydreaming about the company they want to work with and the kind of job role they want.

We sometimes wonder how some people get the job they have always wanted or what secret formula they have for achieving successf in life so easily.

In the words of Jack Canfield, “What you think about, talk about, believe strongly about and feel intensely about, you will bring about.”

In simple words, we can say that we attract energies by thinking and our life is what we think about it. The thoughts of our minds have a great impact on our lives. We put our focus on things by thinking about them strongly and attracting their energies.

We can bring changes into our lives by attracting the energies of our thoughts. Some strategies can help you to follow your dreams and attract the job you have ever desired.

Discover what you actually desire

The first thing to manifesting your dream job is by deciding what you really want. You need to ask yourself the reason you want a particular job or the reasons for being unsatisfied with the present job. You need to change your perspective and keep your mind open to upcoming possibilities and new things in life.

You need to be clear about what you want, so think of all the possible options that might be suitable for you. Think of all the things you enjoy at work and also the things that you often suffer while doing, it will help you distinguish better what you like and what you don’t.

You can take the help of a coach or mentor to guide you. You can make this task easier by imagining a life you want to live or the job role you want to work in after ten years. You can try some professions as a side hustle and check if it suits you.

After the identification of your dream profession, note it down somewhere and also talk about it to your close ones. The more strongly you talk about it, the stronger would be your connection with it.

Bring it into your thought process

If you want to manifest your dream job, you need to think about it intentionally. The law of attractions requires you to think about how you would feel at your workplace and how you would be working for that organization. Being deliberate about your feelings and thoughts once you have achieved your goal would bring you closer to your wants.

For instance, if you want to become a life coach, think of the scenario where you would provide counseling or training to your first client and how delightful would it feel. These kinds of images in your mind would help you work for your future and create a better life for yourself.

Focus on what you want to become

The common mistake we all make is we keep reinforcing our same situation by thinking about all the negative things happening around us. For instance, if we are unhappy at our current job, instead of thinking about what we want in the future, we keep ranting about how awful our job is.

Stop saying things like, “I don’t want to work here”, “I hate coming here every morning”, “I am wasting my time here” and so on. You will attract only negativity by keep repeating negative things. Instead, replace the negative words with positive ones and you will definitely see a change in your life.

Believe in your thoughts

Thinking is of no use till we actually believe in it. There is a famous quote from Henry Ford that says “Whether you think you can,or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Our efforts would be useless if we don’t believe in ourselves. Mostly, our gut feeling is always right and when you believe in something it will definitely happen and if you don’t believe in making it true, putting mere thought into it would not take you anywhere.

However, you can encourage your thoughts and beliefs by practicing the visualization and adding it to your routine. Write it on your vision board in your sight from where you can have a look at it daily and get motivated.

Act on your thoughts

Thinking and believing is one thing but working on achieving your dream job is another thing. No matter how much you think about your job but not doing anything about it would make it a failure for sure.

You can start by taking small steps toward your dream job and then moving towards the bigger steps gradually. You must trust your gut in this process and work on meeting people, attending seminars, or anything that you believe would take you closer to your work.

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Prabhleen Gupta
Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta is a Life Coach, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Trainer& Master Hypnotherapist who works with people from all walks of life and helps them deal with past traumas, insecurities, which in turn helps them to live their dream lives.

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