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Some employees are getting a new job… at their old job

Source | | Ketaki Desai

Kushal Kolthe, a senior revenue manager at holiday home rental company Vista Rooms, was put on leave without pay in late March. “Initially some of us were asked to take a sabbatical but as the Covid situation worsened, we were told to go on LWP. They were very upfront and transparent about it,” says the Mumbai resident. “Of course I wasn’t really happy about it but I understood it’s a difficult decision.” In the intervening months, Kolthe tried to start a brand with his friends which kept him occupied for a while. Then, in August he got a new job… his old one.

Rehiring has become a bit of a trend of late, says Munira Loliwala, Business Head, Permanent and Specialised staffing, Team-Lease, a staffing company. “Across industries, 40% of our client base is considering or looking at rehiring laid off workers. This is happening the most in the financial services industry, then in manufacturing, followed by hospitality and healthcare,” she says. For the most part, however, these are not permanent positions. “The rehiring is usually for some project work, or as freelancers to add certain skills or improve sales productivity. Of the 40% looking to rehire, only 5-10% would be as permanent positions,” adds Loliwala.

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