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Speed Up Recruitment Process by 67% with HR Automation | Extract Resume from LinkedIn

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How fast is your recruitment process?

According to a study by G&A Partners, human resources departments spend 73 percent of their time on administrative tasks. If HR is being too overwhelmed with never-ending administrative tasks, they can not be entirely focus on finding the best talent. Taking too long to find best candidate means HR is losing its potential ones to the other companies that could be their competitors!

In this video, Gleematic can be your HR automation solution! Gleematic can help to automate the whole recruitment process without human intervention, HR staff/professionals are only needed for validation/review! In this video, Gleematic will do profiling of potential candidates via LinkedIn, searching their profiles (Gleematic can check if they fit into job requirements here such as education background, skills, etc.). Gleematic then download their resume from their profile, and automatically extract them. Gleematic will place the extracted key-information from multiple resume of numerous candidates in an Excel file – saving HR staff/professionals HUGE time instead of doing this manually. HR staff/professionals only need to review the Excel file that Gleematic prepares for them!

00:49 List of candidates for Gleematic to process
01:00 Going to LinkedIn
01:09 Searching profile of candidate
01:19 Downloading the resume
01:30 Going back to the Excel list to repeat the step until there is no candidate left to process
03:13 Extracting key information from resume
03:25 Extraction result

By using Gleematic as your choice of HR automation, HR team/professionals can have recruitment process that is faster, more accurate, and easier: no-coding is needed! You just simply need to customize Gleematic according to your needs, and the process is automated!

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