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How Spirituality and Nature Can Enhance Your Worklife

By | Sally Perkins 

Spirituality and nature aren’t the first things that many of us would associate with business and HR. But a supportive, visionary business structure which creates key connections between people and nature can help everyone achieve their best. Thankfully, Corporate Social Responsibility has become a widely adopted model, and nature and spirituality form an important part of it. When employees are valued beyond their material contribution, and encouraged to think outside their office walls, it can be beneficial to everyone at every level of an organisation.

Encourage dialogue

Spirituality has the potential to improve your life in many ways. But spirituality, especially a spiritual connection with nature, means something different to everyone. For some it may involve visiting church at the weekend to thank their God for creating the world; yet, for others it might be kicking a football around with their kids in the park. There’s a tendency, however, for people to believe that spirituality is necessarily synonymous with religion. “But I’m an atheist!” they may insist. It’s important to help them realise the reasons why spirituality is about positivity, integrity, ethics, teamwork and respect for the environment – however we individually choose to honour these principles. Let people talk about these feelings in group sessions.

Create – or explore – green spaces

It could be eating your sandwich in the office garden, a trip to the local wildlife park on a team away day… or even giving every staff member a plant for their desk. Whatever you do, try and move away from classic modes of business where anything that isn’t directly profit-oriented and rooted in the temporal is unnecessary in order to achieve success. People need time out and nature has the potential to uplift and heal.

Make environmentalism key

Our need to respect the planet is something most people wouldn’t argue with. Unfortunately, we can get often get lazy or forgetful about it. Make sure staff think about the need to recycle and where and how to do it. Put up signs, organise meetings and keep it in everyone’s mind. Ensure that nobody leaves lights on or overuses the printer. Make your office as paper-free as possible.

Keep on pushing the message

Finally, don’t forget to keep looking at the underlying reasoning behind bringing spirituality to the workplace. If things are starting to slip and revert, it’s time to meet up and chat. Good luck!

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