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Starting a Side Business While Employed? Prioritize These 9 Tasks

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Many entrepreneurs start new businesses while also balancing full-time jobs. When there’s limited time to work on developing a new company, you need to pick and choose what tasks to focus on first. Here, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members each share one task that should take priority over all others when you have limited time to work on your startup.

When you’re only able to work on your business or side hustle part-time, what’s one task that should take priority when you have limited time?

1. Building an online presence

One of the best areas to focus your efforts on when you have little time to spend on your side hustle is producing content and building an online presence. Blogs, videos, and social media posts are a great way to show people what you’re all about, even if you don’t have anything for them to buy yet. It lets you connect with people and reveal what drives you—your vision. Building a loyal audience will get your business off to a strong start. —Blair ThomaseMerchantBroker

2. Prioritizing content creation

Since you have limited time, use it to create content. Content is king. It helps you climb the search engine rankings over time and gain traction on the respective queries that represent your niche or target audience. Content helps your business grow, and helps you gain the trust of your audience and build brand authority. —Jared AtchisonWPForms

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