Starting up to come out of your 9-5 Job? Think again…

Source | LinkedIn : By Ashwin Shastry

Amarendra Baahubali was sitting in a plush office of Mahishmati at the heart of Bangalore, decides to have a cup of coffee. Not to be left alone, he calls upon Kattappa for company.

As they go to the coffee machine, a general gossip takes shape. The HR of the company is considering tightening the attendance system by connecting it to salaries.

The employees are not happy. After all, the management should focus on the deliverable instead of time spent at office. As long as everyone is doing their job, why bother about anything else. Connecting this to salaries is INHUMAN, they thought.

All this control is building a sense of resistance among the employees.

Amarendra is fed up of this 9-5 job and wants to leave. Doing a business and being one’s own boss is so much better. Katappa shares his frustration and endorses the intent. They start to discuss on possibilities.

The fact of the matter is that “Start up” is not a solution to your punctuality issues. A large number of people like Amarendra and Kattappa are trying to ride the tide of Start ups with excuses that are not motivating or inspiring.

A start up needs much more than 9-5. It needs all of the 24 hrs and all of the week which means you are in a work mode 24/7.

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