Starting with a salary of Rs 1,000 a month, he went on to own a Rs 350 crore turnover UPS company

By | Gurvinder Singh |

In power fluctuations, a pet peeve of everyone in Kolkata in the 1980s, Anup Agarwal saw an opportunity to burn the midnight oil and come up with a relay stabilizer that would launch him as an entrepreneur dealing in high-end electric solutions.

When he designed the stabilizer after office hours, he was employed as a trainee engineer for a monthly salary of Rs 1,000 with Hindustan Development Corporation Limited (HDC), which was into the construction of Kolkata Metro Railways.

“The salary helped me to run my family but I always had a desire of doing something big in life and creating my own business,” recalls Agarwal, who is now living his dream helming a Rs 350 crore turnover company.

“We were six brothers and we had a simple middle class upbringing. My father was into oil trade and he worked hard to give us the best education. I completed my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and took up the job in 1985,” he says.

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