Startup Entrepreneurship – Taking measured steps towards success

Source | | Sridhar Rao | Management Coach & Business Mentor

What’s the first thing that comes to one’s mind when we think of the word Entrepreneurship?

Risk? Innovation? Self-Employment? Independence? Fun? Adventure? Money? Riches? Well, different things to different people, I guess!

Startup Entrepreneurship is a word very much in vogue for the last decade or so in India, thanks to the startup culture in the IT sector, built over the last three or four decades. Many young people, fresh out of college, with or without Engineering or Management qualifications, with or without work experience, are getting attracted to this magic word and trying to discover a new way of life.

What is it that’s making more and more people look at Startup Entrepreneurship?

It is probably the excitement of doing something new, something different and to build a life with greater aspirations and achievements. But if we pause for a moment and think, is this the first time a large number of people are going towards entrepreneurship? Definitely not!

India has been a country of self-employed risk takers from time immemorial.

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