Startup tip #3: Ideas don’t matter, execution does

Source | | Zak Kann

This is the 3rd in a series of startup tip posts. Read the previous ones at these links.

All will be short, and I’m hoping other founders and future founders will find some or all of them helpful.

All too often, I have this kind of conversation with a would-be-entrepreneur

Them: I have this really cool business idea

Me: What is it?

Them: It’s a new social network

Me: Cool. What makes it unique?

Them: Oh, I can’t tell you that. Someone might steal the idea.

I’ve even been asked to sign an NDA just to have someone give me what was really just an elevator pitch!

If you think that a friend, stranger, or even Amazon could simply take your idea and drive you out of the market, either your idea is not worth following or you severely overestimate the importance of an idea.

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