Startups find innovative ways to make new joinees feel at home

Source | : By Brinda Dasgupta

BENGALURU: A software professional who recently joined consumer lending startup MoneyTap as a senior Android developer was taken aback when asked to recount the most embarrassing incident from his life at an all-hands meeting during his first week at work. He told them about the time when as a newly married man, he had to introduce his wife to a friend and realised her name had just slipped his mind.

Recounting embarrassing stories helps employees let their guard down, said Anuj Kacker, cofounder of Bengaluru-based MoneyTap. “We-’ve found that this is a great way to also break the ice with them, making their initiation more fun that they would have imagined,” he told ET.

At Bengaluru-based real estate portal NoBroker, new employees are asked to track down senior heads of teams like product and engineering, introduce themselves, and click selfies with them.

A rising number of new-age companies are experimenting with their initiation activities for new employees and are making a conscious effort to bring in a fun element to what would otherwise be a humdrum process-oriented day.

At NoBroker, new employees are also asked to go on a ‘scavenger hunt’, and find specific locations in the office, like the wall of appreciation, the suggestion box, the servicing bay, etc.

“These are great ways for them to not only meet more people on their first day itself, but also quickly familiarise themselves with the structure and layout of our two-storeyed office,” its cofounder Amit Agarwal said.

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