Why Startups Need to Focus on Workforce Strategy ahead of Raising Capital

Source |  |  BY:Jaine N Truitt 

We are in an age when raising money as a startup isn’t as much a necessity as a race to the nearest VC  to achieve the bragging rights for raising more money than your competitor. As someone who often works with startups that are still in the process of raising money for their enterprises, I am amazed that few of them have thought of having a workforce strategy.

In fairness, startups tend to run leaner, both out of necessity and intention. As a result, they rarely see a reason to have an HR or Talent delegation to the extent seen in most established organizations, for a plethora of valid reasons. When speaking

with most founders of startups, you will be hard-pressed to find any that don’t have aspirations to scale their business beyond its humble beginnings. In fact, it is often through the grandeur of their ideas and enthusiasm around scaling that they even become attractive to investors.

The question remains: How do you consider scaling your business without considering how things will be accomplished in a way that is sustainable for the company?

Like many startups, I have worked in every aspect of my business to the tune of many long days and nights. It is what you must do when hiring help is a remote or non-existent possibility.


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