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Staying Focused: How a Vision Board Will Keep You on Target in 2022

How visualizing your goals can help you achieve what you never imagined was possible

By | Adrienne Bankert |

No matter what month of the year, there is a perennial desire to have a life hack for goal setting. Who has time, right? Most of us have already fallen short of our goals for the year. We say we want this year to be different while research (and history) proves that’s only possible with a new way of thinking. I’m constantly working on how to open my mind to new possibilities. The vision board is just one tool in the tool kit. Still, when I saw my dream of interviewing Oprah come true after putting it on a vision board, I became a big proponent of them! Here’s what I’ve learned about manifesting what I want, without letting being busy slow me down.

Redefine the vision board

“Know your lines. But really know the story you’re telling.”

That’s what Lady Gaga told me she learned from Bradley Cooper when filming her first major motion picture. The power in a vision board, just like in a movie, is to become more acquainted with your story. Unfortunately, some think it’s overrated.

I once asked a realtor friend of mine if he made vision boards. He looked at me like I was from another planet. “What’s a vision board?” He thought it was a bunch of woo-woo. “I use execution boards,” he said. “With practical steps to achieve a goal, if that’s what you mean.” 

We were on the same page but using different verbiage and tools to define our process. We both used visuals. I did what he called execution with a seven-step process in a notebook and a vision board. In the words of the advertiser, Fred R. Barnard, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Most people can’t execute without seeing it! 

While at times people get lost in trying to make a pretty display, it’s really about what images will reach you. Vision boards help crystallize and add detail to the sometimes fuzzy picture of an idea inside my mind and give it bones.

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