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The Step-By-Step Guide To Quitting Your Job

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Years ago a young person would get a job and stay with the same company for twenty or thirty years.

That’s very unusual now. Most of us will change jobs ten or even twenty times over the course of our careers.

We have to get good at new activities like job-hunting while we’re working full-time. We have to get good at managing our careers like businesses — because a career is a business.

We have to get good at quitting a job.

It can feel a bit scary to quit your job, but it becomes easier every time you do it.

The more calm and professional you are when you tell your boss you’re leaving, the smoother the process is likely to be.

If you work for scoundrels who cannot be trusted to let you work through your two week notice period, then you cannot afford to give notice. In that case the message “I’m quitting my job” and “See ya!” are wrapped into one quick goodbye.

If you give notice intending to work for two more weeks and your boss says “Pack up your stuff and get out of here right now!” you’ll be without pay for two weeks.

If you fear this might happen to you, ask your new boss whether you can start the new job right away rather than two weeks in the future, in the event that your current boss declines your offer of a two-week notice period.

If you are let go after giving notice, you may be eligible for unemployment compensation for the two weeks, but it would be better to have an entire paycheck!

If you can’t give notice safely, then don’t do it. Get your personal things out of your workplace before you tell your boss you’re quitting.

Collect contact information for your friends at work and anyone you want to stay in touch with. Make sure you have no personal files on your company computer and make sure your personal devices have no confidential company information on them either.

If you are going to quit without giving notice, be ready to walk out the door the minute you tell your boss you’re leaving.

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