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Still Haven’t Found your Dream Job?

Source | Jobsforher.com | Kajal

Leaving your Profile Incomplete

Make sure your profile is at least 70 percent complete, and your resume is updated. Recruiters are sceptical about considering incomplete profiles.

Applying to Irrelevant Jobs

Your profile will be considered only if you have relevant experience or the required skill set pertaining to the job. So apply to jobs that are relevant to you.

Not Following Companies

Companies keep updating their pages with relevant jobs and women-friendly policies. You might miss out on information if you don’t follow them.

Uploading the Same Resume for Every Job

Naturally, a resume that you have created for the role of a Business Development Manager will not help you bag the role of an HR Manager. So create different resumes if you want to apply for roles from diverse functional areas and upload them on JobsForHer. If you have already uploaded your resume, you’ll see the ‘Manage Resumes’ option on your dashboard. There you can choose to upload multiple resumes. And, every time you have to apply for a role, you can choose which resume you want to submit to the company.

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