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Stop Blocking My SUN!

Please Stop Blocking My SUN !

By | Adil Malia |

Read the doodle. It happened to the Great Alexander. Has it happened ever with you ?

The Great Alexander had an encounter with the famous cynic philosopher Diogenes who was lying on the palace lawns enjoying the summer Sun and the beautiful air. Comes the proud Alexander with great pride and stands over him. The world’s richest King who could grant anything to the notoriously poor philosopher then asked him – what he could do for him 

(Diogenes) ? Diogenes could have asked for anything.  But at that moment instead of asking for anything valuable, he told Alexander  : ” At this moment your Royalty, please stop blocking my Sun !”

I have experienced this. My wife not getting impressed with some of my very good speeches, my bosses not impressed with the best of my videos, my best posts not evoking sufficient interests of my friends. All of this happens. But one still has to move on. Can’t let such ‘unappreciated’ moments & experiences peter out your motivation.  So how does one push-on with that ???

As a Positive Life-Coach, I would suggest the following :

One cannot let externals determine whether you are worth it or not. It is on each one of us. All that one has to do is reset the definition of success. Anchor it with your own peace of mind & self-satisfaction with the knowledge that best efforts that you were capable of was made in the situation that emerged as a challenge. 

Once that is in the affirmative, the external appreciation from those you were expecting may not come thru … but don’t let others block your Sun!

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