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Stop missing out on hidden jobs (and internships)

Source | LinkedIn : By Rohan Punamia

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What if I told you that everything you think you know about the Internet is a lie?

You probably think that Google can help you find anything on the Internet. Just type in a search… right? Google lets you find obscure Reddit pages, a blog post from 7 years ago, and decades old research.

Well then, what can’t it find?

According to a research study published by Nature journal, Google can’t find 86% of the Internet.1

That means everything you know about the Internet — every page you’ve visited, article you’ve read, picture you’ve seen… is only 14% of what the Internet has to offer.

The rest of the 86% of the Internet is called the deep web, and it’s home to many strange things including hidden government information, cryptocurrencies, and illegal paraphernalia (drugs, fake legal documents, counterfeit money, etc.)

Amazing right?

Now, what if I told you that everything you think you know about finding a job/internship is a lie?

What… you didn’t think I was going to write about the deep web without giving some career advice?

Anyways, back to my analogy. Just as we all use Google to access almost everything on the Internet, we also use job postings to find almost every job/internship opportunity on the market. This includes LinkedIn job postings, your university career website, company career pages, and any other website you can think of.

But just like Google misses 86% of the content on the Internet….

Source: Nature Journal

these job postings only account for 20% of all the job opportunities out there.

Source: UC Berkeley Career Counselor David Woodward (data is approximate, actual percentages don’t matter)

By relying on job postings, you are missing 80% of the world’s job opportunities.

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