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Stop using these 11 phrases that make you sound weak

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There are certain phrases we pick up at a young age that disempower us. 

If you’re using any of the following phrases, I want to warn you:

It’s making you sound weak and you need to stop. 

Let’s take a look. 

1) “I think…”

Thinking is great. We should all think more and practice critical thinking

But when you pepper “I think” into conversations it makes you sound unsure and low-confidence. 

For example, note the difference between the two following sentences:

“John is a criminal, I think. I don’t really trust him, I think you shouldn’t either, maybe. Just my opinion.”

“John has been in jail. I don’t trust him at all and neither should you.” 

The first makes you sound scared to rustle any feathers or cause an issue. The second is just stating what you’ve heard about John instead of beating around the bush. 

2) “It’s just…”

Saying “it’s just” in a sentence is like injecting a tranquilizer into an interaction. 

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