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Storycrafting™ – Facilitating for Business Value of Storytelling

Source | LinkedIn | Srinivas Peri

Today is the beginning of a new chapter, start of a new story called “Storycrafting™”. It is about storytelling for business. It is my endeavor to help businesses and organizations tell their stories.

 For me, it all started in mid-1980’s as a teenager. I simply could never wrap my head around calculus or trigonometry and was simply stupefied when I saw a physics book. Coming from an orthodox South-Indian Brahmin family of engineers, I was expected to lock myself in the room and keep solving those incomprehensible problems from Resnick and Halliday.

It was during those pretentious days, I discovered History. My elder brother was preparing for IAS and the cupboard was full of books that did not have equations and formulas but told stories in English. What started with Sherlock Holmes, Fredrick Forsyth and Alistair McClean, led me to European, Indian and world history. People, personalities and events gripped my imagination. I wanted to understand more about Romans. The Caribbean, The Mediterranean and dig deeper into history of medieval India. There was no looking back and my fascination for everything history became a passion.

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