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Strategic Management in YOU

Source | LinkedIn : By Venkata Rangaa

Strategic management is analysis, creation, implement and process used by any organizations with the purpose to achieve and for the competitive advantage. A person who visualizes the future prospects, work towards the same much before anybody in the organization is a Strategic Planner. Ofcourse this should be in line with the objective and goal of the organization.

A good strategy is the basic requirement of success. Action in you are well guided then the achieving the goal will be exponential.  This may be applicable to personal, professional commitments. You cannot take it for granted. Till this time, you might not have faced any casualties but in future there may be risks that come across. For that, one needs to be keen on planning and managing.

Choose the destiny properly and accordingly make action plan. Parallel to that prepare another plan with better planning. If first plan fails, then execute the second one. Life is shorter. You need to achieve within that. Do not complain for everything. Do not be lazy and innocent. Plan your goals strategically, prepare action plan and fulfil your dreams. Ultimately it’s you who has to believe in yourself.

A strong foundation is the key success. Vision, commitment and purpose are the basis of strategic management. These are the essential and important pillars. The fragrance of flowers spread only in the direction of the wind. But a man with good strategy will be looked by all the directions. Thus he is a true leader. A man with good strategy starts his work will not be afraid of failure and will not abandon the action but will continue till it reaches logical end.

If the project completes with best results, he will be the one among worked sincerely toward the project and will be the happiest.  If the result is negative, he will not waste his much time in analysing but will be cautious in his upcoming projects.

Importantly before any work, one should always ask why I am doing this? What is the result? And will I be successful? Once you get clarity on these three questions, then push forward for your ventures.

The formulation of strategy can develop competitive advantage only to the extent that the process can give meaning.

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