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Strategic People Planning; Enabling organisations to stay ahead of the curve, ETHRWorld |

<p>Anju Sansoa, Head - Recruitment, Swiss Re GBS India.</p>
Anju Sansoa, Head – Recruitment, Swiss Re GBS India.

The search for the right talent for the right role, in today’s dynamic market, is akin to a competitive sport. Companies are constantly looking for the best fit. This has made it imperative for them to plan for their workforce and always stay ahead of the curve.

Many organisations, however, tend to overlook the aspect of a longer-term strategic shift in the talent landscape and instead focus on financial success. While profitability is a significant goal for any business, talent is key to an organisation’s overall success financially or otherwise.

To stay relevant and retain the right skill sets, organisations need to build ambidextrous capabilities to exploit what they have, while also exploring new avenues for revenue generation. That is where strategic workforce planning comes into the picture. Through such strategic planning, business leaders can ensure that they have the right number of people, in the right place at the right time, to successfully accomplish the organisation’s business objectives.

If the two years of the pandemic has taught us anything it is the importance of workforce management, resource planning and how thinking ahead proves to be pertinent for growth. And most of all continuity amid uncertainty.

Business continuity and sustained growth

Strategic workforce planning is a powerful tool. One of its primary advantages is that it serves as a…

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